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Comodo CA rebranded Sectigo

Suddenly, Comodo CA, the largest provider of SSL certificates,  re-branded and is now called Sectigo. Soon, any certificates of the popular Comodo brand will have the signature "powered by Sectigo".

According to Sectigo CEO Bill Holz (Bill Holtz), rebranding was needed to enter the broader market for online security solutions and eliminate the confusion that arose in connection with the Comodo CA branch of the Comodo Group. Both companies operate in the same markets and at the same time are different legal entities.

The company changed not only the colors of the corporate identity, logos and name, but also decided to change the names of some products and the seal of trust. Soon, any Comodo brand certificates will be signed by “powered by Sectigo”.

Despite global changes in the company, end users have nothing to worry about. The roots of Comodo certificates will remain the same, and all products will also be available, although some under different names.

Those who have already purchased Comodo SSL certificates will simply continue to use them for a paid period. And if you wish, you can update the seal, following the instructions from Sectigo. For those who decide to extend the certificate, the only difference will be that now it will be a certificate certified by Sectigo, and not Comodo.

And the most important thing. The updated company announced that Sectigo digital certificates will be sold at the same price as their Comodo CA equivalents.

The approximate dates for updating the product lines are not known yet. There is no exact data and on the order of introduction of new seals. Therefore, we continue to monitor the situation and, as soon as there is news from Sectigo, we will immediately inform you about it.