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Getting started selling SSL Comodo certificates

Comodo issues the cheapest certificate with domain verification - Positive SSL. This certificate is great for personal sites, blogs, online stores, mail servers and many other projects of yours.

99.9% of browsers recognize Comodo SSL certificates. Your website will work using the https protocol and will appear as safe in any browser and device.

Comodo SSL-certificate gives the seal of trust that can be put on the site. It complements the green lock in the browser bar and convinces visitors that the site is safe.

Comodo SSL WildCard certificates will protect one domain and subdomains. This will allow you to buy a certificate cheap and save time during installation, when compared with the purchase of a certificate for each individual site on subdomains. Сomodo wildcard SSL is suitable both for a small project, on which visitors leave personal data or enter logins and passwords, and for a website that accepts payments, and a small online store, which has subdomains.

Comodo guarantee the security of personal data that people leave on sites with their certificates. If the certificate was issued incorrectly or the attackers cracked the certificate's cipher, Comodo will compensate for the loss of the site visitor. The amount of the guarantee depends on the type of certificate. The minimum guarantee is $ 10,000 paid for PositiveSSL and Comodo Wildcard PositiveSSL, and the maximum guarantee is $ 1,750,000 for Comodo EV SSL.

Hosting transfer

Did the hoster get out and not return the money? We will make you the same service life as your current free of charge!