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Check your DNS settings before February 1

February 1, 2019 will change the order of the DNS. Untrained sites will not be available online. Our clients are completely safe, but if you have websites on other hosts, read on.

How to check and fix
The changes will affect some software: Bind, PowerDNS, Knot Resolver and Unbound. Our products work with Bind and PowerDNS, and we did a little research on them. From February 1, sites running on legacy OS with Bind up to version 8.3 and PowerDNS up to version 3.0 will not be available.

Make sure your resource is safe. Go to the DNS flag day, enter the domain name and click “Check”. If you learn about critical errors, update the software on the server yourself or contact your system administrator or hosting provider.

What's happening
DNS (domain name system) is a computer distributed system for obtaining information about domains. The DNS protocol was first launched in the 1980s, and in 1999 received a lot of improvements and was released in an enhanced version of EDNS. Two versions of the protocols still exist without backward compatibility, which generally affects the work of the entire domain system on the Internet.

Now servers with outdated DNS versions ignore the EDNS request. In these cases, the party making the request repeats it using the old DNS protocol. But from February 1, this opportunity will disappear. Only servers updated to EDNS will be able to exchange requests.

Hosting transfer

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