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Virtual Private Servers (VPS), organized on a disk array of Intel Enterprise Class NVMe.











Additional services

IP address - $ 2
ISPmanager 6 Lite - $ 5
cPanel Admin (5 Accounts) - $ 30
Hestia CP - free
FTP backup - free
DNS servers - free
Basic support
  • Install or reinstall the OS
  • Installation of the control panel Vesta, Brainy, ISPmanager, cPanel
  • Transfer sites from another hosting
  • Reset operating system administrator password
  • Add additional IP addresses to the server
  • Set up monitoring and alerts
Все включено

Server control panel

To choose when ordering
Free Panel - provides functionality, approximate or higher paid panels.
Free control panel that has all the features of ISPmanager or cPanel
Paid control panel - a professional solution for managing VPS servers
Paid control panel - a professional solution for managing VPS servers

Frequently asked questions

What hosting panels are supported on your VPS?

In one click, you can install the following control panels:

  • Brainy Control Panel - a free hosting control panel
  • Vesta Control Panel - Free Hosting Control Panel
  • ISP Manager Lite - ISPsystem paid virtual server control panel

Either independently install any other control panel on your VPS server.

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Operating Systems

Installation in 1 click